Saturday, October 01, 2011

Tadanon's Dance Medley Madness

So I've been a fairly long time watcher of Japanese dancers in Japan (if you can call 1 year a long time). One of the more well known Japanese Nico Douga dancers, Tadanon, recently uploaded a video of himself doing a half-hour medley of the top 50 tagged dances on Nico Douga. So below is a list of all the songs in play order. I also dropped a little facts comment in the YouTube comments of this video, but I'll repost it here in case it becomes difficult to find.

50) Matryoshka,
49) Dream Fighter
48) Kanpeki gu~no ne
47) Princess Bride
45) Melancholic
45) Lily Lily Burning Night
44) Miku Miku Shite Ageru
42) GO MY WAY!
42) LOL-lots of laugh-
41) Only My Railgun
40) Breeze
39) Do-Dai
38) Hello/How are you
37) Sweet Magic
35) Sweetiex2
35) Heartcatch Paradise
34) Nostalogic
33) Soar
32) Motteke! Sailor Fuku
30) Hello, Planet
29) Nyan Cat
28) Bad Apple
27) Snow White Princess
26) Heart Beats
25) Double Lariat
24) Dokonokonokinoko
23) Ability to Stir the Audience
22) Megu Megu Fire Endless Night
21) Spring Shower
20) Love&Joy
19) Popipo
18) Maasara Blue Jeans
17) Strobo Nights
16) Kero9Destiny
15) Danjo
14) Caramelldansen
13) Renai Circulation
12) FirstKiss!
10) Teach me! The Magic of Lyric
09) Saikyo Pare Parade
08) Love Dokkyun
07) Seikon Hikou
06) Luka Luka Night Fever
05) Ochame Kinou
04) Yaranaika
03) Hare Hare Yukai
02) Cirno's Perfect Math Class
01) Happy Synthesizer

Tadanon's Misses (Dances that Tadanon did not know) - #44 Miku Miku Shite Ageru, #38 Hello/How Are You, #35 Sweetiex2
Tadanon's Partial Misses (Dances that Tadanon partially knew or he did not do correctly) - #45 Melancholic (he got confused on what version to do), #39 Do-Dai, #31 Be MYSELF, #30 Hello,Planet, #29 Nyanyanyanya! (AKA Nyan Cat), #16 Kero9Destiny

Total number of songs in the medley by Choreographer:
Kozue/DANCEROID - 5 
Makoto, Yumiko - 3
Kyoufu&Kuu, Megumi Nakajima, 2D-CH@MPLE, Fine&Tsurutei, Okkun, Kyoto Animation, Kinako - 2 
Melochin, Debisaku, Perfume, 13, Butsudankamen, Guriko, c-ute - 1

Not all the choreographers are mentioned, since some are hard to identify or the dance choreographer isn't known. 


  1. Tadanon knows the dance to #44. He just ran off camera to get two sticks to use as props. This is the dance that Miku does holding two leeks.

  2. I'm gonna use this list as a weight loss plan and do the medley as the last week.