Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Talking AM², post Anime Expo

Don't shoot Homuhomu!
So like, there was another convention aside from Anime Expo in Anahiem, California two weeks before called AM². Before any of you ask - no, I don't know what AM² means.

Anyway, this page is solely for the purpose of linking and posting some of the stuff I did while at AM² - which you can view past the jump.

Armstrong doesn't just defeat bad guys, he saves little birds too!
I'm going to link all the videos and photos related to the stuff I took while at the 2012 AM² on this page. I'll post up some of the images from the photoshop edits on this page to make the page look nice. 

By the way, if you see yourself in any of the photos and wanna get tagged and what not, let me know and I'll do the appropriate actions (though I gotta figure out how to do any of that stuff first. ^_^;)

Day 1 Photos (Edited)
Day 2 Photos (Edited)

Day 1 Photos (Unedited)
Day 2 Photos (Unedited)

AniMaid Cafe Performances

Rachel Alucard having tea time at AM²

Lightning, waiting for her party to show up.
Gangsta Madoka and her Harem

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