Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Anime Los Angeles 2014

So it's been about two days now since the end of the 2014 version of Anime Los Angeles and I'm just getting to making this post now. I'm totally bad, lol.

Anyway, I'll be featuring some of the photos I took post-jump when they're done (hopefully it won't take months) as well as the dance covers I shot at the con (the photo above is a preview of all of them.)

(EDIT - All the photos (edited) are up, so just the dance videos that have to be done now.)

I'll pretty this up with a whole talk about ALA and such when I get the time to write about it. Hopefully sometime before the end of this week. >_>

Photo Gallery:


Dance Covers:

Yakusoku no Kizuna (from the anime "Kanata no Kyoukai") by MIRAI☆STARS

"Breath + Shadow" by Legacy

"Polyrhythm" by Jyuke + Rika

"We are Bulletproof pt.2" by KABAKABA

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