Thursday, September 18, 2014

The End of Dance Cover Reuploading?

The last of the great Nico Douga Dance Cover reuploader channels has finally gone down. For good? Possibly. BoutoKM is only the last of a long line of great reuploader channels - starting with the now-defunct Bjorkit channel (it's still up, but there hasn't been a new video upload since the beginning of 2012), the loss of the Japanese-run AJUKII channel back in 2012, the trio of Treetopfan channels that all were eventually shut down, and then BoutoKM & his set of channels that all seem to be shut down now. You could add ffstip as well - his videos included dancers that were more obscure & he did something the other channels above didn't -- he asked for permission to reupload the videos from the dancers themselves. He hasn't updated since September of 2013.

This is going to be a extremely long post, so hit the jump to read more...

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Zooms in Dance Covers and how to properly use them

So this tweet popped up in my twitterfeed recently and it had me thinking about my own editing. When I work on a new video, and it has multiple cuts (ie. different angle shots from the same take, a zoom shot with a out shot, multiple takes, etc.), those type of videos for me tend to take some time because I take GREAT care of how I edit a video.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Anime Conji 2014

Oh man, I haven't felt this tired after a con in a long while (probably SDCC last year.) Having to work during the seven days before the con was really tiring, and somehow I still had the energy to get through Conji. I didn't post too many twitter statuses as I usually would during a con out of partial guilt to my co-workers at work who had to work during the weekend while I was the only one who had the weekend off. Luckily, everything regarding the family business was pretty quiet during the weekend - only requiring me to leave the con on friday for two hours to deal with a minor issue. It was unfortunate that was the time a lot of good things were happening at the Free! pool party that I saw pics and cell phone footage of later in the day.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Anime Los Angeles 2014

So it's been about two days now since the end of the 2014 version of Anime Los Angeles and I'm just getting to making this post now. I'm totally bad, lol.

Anyway, I'll be featuring some of the photos I took post-jump when they're done (hopefully it won't take months) as well as the dance covers I shot at the con (the photo above is a preview of all of them.)

(EDIT - All the photos (edited) are up, so just the dance videos that have to be done now.)

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Seven Days of Video Goodness

So I'm on my blog that I seldom post on to announce something pretty exciting for those who watch my YouTube channel! I'm going to be posting a lot of new videos in a span of seven days leading up to Christmas Eve, as a present to all! This means I'll be hard at work editing, rendering, and posting videos on my channel in a massive pace. This will be the highest amount of videos I have posted on my channel ever in a seven day span, so I hope you'll all look forward to it! I'm actually worried that I might not even have enough footage, or that I won't get to it all (sorry if that actually comes to pass.) So, follow this thread or follow my YouTube channel and check it out! Below is a general idea of what videos will be released on a particular day:
  • Day 1 - New Videos! -- Seriously, new dance covers!
  • Day 2 - Alternate Shots -- These are videos that are alternate shots to videos already put up throughout the year. 
  • Day 3 - The Backlog -- These are videos that for some reason have not be released within 30 days after they were filmed.
  • Day 4 - The Trash Bin -- These are videos that were trashed because of various reasons, including negative viewer feedback, bad editing, bad filming, and other such stuff. 
  • Day 5 - Convention Play -- Videos filmed at conventions that have not been released, including my first try at a Cosplay PV!
  • Day 6 - Blooper Reel -- The funny moments between takes and those silly outtakes - being shown for the first time outside the meetup group!
  • Day 7 - Christmas Live! -- Christmas Eve ends the Seven Days of Video Goodness with the performances filmed at the Balboa Park December Nights event from the San Diego K-Pop Flash Mob and The Mochi Maid Cafe!