Friday, September 02, 2011

Mail Order Magical Girl!

First off, I'm back! Computer came in a day or two ago and now I'm getting re-settled with my computer. Found out that my computer's motherboard crapped out, so it got replaced along with the liquid cooling fan it had. Gotta say, the computer is a heck of a lot quieter then it used to be before.

Anyway, something else arrived in the mail this morning... wonder what it is?

Miku: Hey! It's Madoka!
Madoka finally arrived at my house, and she came pretty quick (she shipped out August 29th in Japan, arrived in at my house here in USA on September 2nd.) Then again, she *is* a magical girl, and she's one of the most powerful to ever grace any Japanese anime.

Actually, she arrived so quick because I got EMS service for it, which gets the package shipped to the USA via airmail instead of by ship.
This is the first Nendoroid box I've seen that has a parts list included - and small visual instructions on how to attach Kyubey to Madoka's arm. 

Oh, I did mention that Kyubey is here also, right? I'm sure some friends of mine will be wanting to chuck him out the window.

Anyway, I'm glad I bought this - she is the 3rd Nendoroid I've gotten this year, and the first off of internet pre-orders. Thanks to AmiAmi for the great service!

Madoka posing in front of my Computer Monitor/TV
I swear I don't have a thing for characters with twintails. Seriously.
I'll get around to posting those last two Comic-Con reports... eventually.

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