Wednesday, July 20, 2011

San Diego Comic-Con 2011 - Day 0

Once again, Comic-Con has rolled into town. And I'm there once again taking photos, but this time I have a small traveling partner with me to explore the lines and halls that is the massive Comic-Con Exhibit Hall and other areas. Due to me wanting to get to sleep soon, I won't be typing all that much for today. So it's mass picspam instead.

Anyway, join me and Miku after the jump!

Miku is in shock...
... at the Hall H line, which started on Monday afternoon (2011.18.07). The panel they are waiting for is not til tomorrow morning.

One of the two lines to get into the Exhibit Hall

Complete with Goku cosplayer

Behind Miku is the setup by Nico Douga for their livestream back to Japan. Wonder if they noticed me taking this picture with Miku?

Wish I had gotten a more straight on shot - if you can get the QF code to work, more power to you!

Miku having a very Mami Tomoe moment.

Miku finds a twin!

Miku waving goodbye in the night. 
See you tomorrow people!

Full picture gallery of Day 0 here -

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