Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Anime Expo 2011 - Day 4

Last day of the con usually means deals and such - and not much action. Holding true to form, there wasn't much going on since it is a Monday (and a holiday), but it was still fun.

More post-jump!

Day started off late, as usual. Apparently I think someone at the DANCEROID competition lied about a signing for monday, because they didn't show up. Actually, from what I would find out later, it looks like they took the first flight out of LA after the dance competition. I have a feeling they didn't like being in America all that much.

Anyway, I didn't get a autograph from Maon Kurosaki or Kalafina - major shames. It was awesome though mentioning MOGRA to NIRGILIS, especially Yuki who regularly DJs there. The MOGRA Overseas Fanclub also now has a minor group photo, which is really cool.

I bought a new card game - "Tanto Cuore" - it'll be fun to try and play it with friends. Maybe I might bring it to for Day 3 Comic-Con 2011 for the Masquerade line.

Lastly, I got a ton of cosplay photos after the exhibit hall closed. Speaking of my photos, I will get around to uploading them all up online eventually. As of the writing of this post (midnight July 5th), I'm too tired to add pictures for right now and will be sleeping soon. When I get to uploading this post, I will probably start the long mass uploading process of my photos onto photobucket. Please look forward to it.

This is pretty much it. I'll just toss in another picture below this line - if I had taken a picture of you and you didn't make it into a blog post - do not take it personally. It's just I only have so much time and I have to quickly pick and choose pictures - and eventually I will come back and edit the blog reports to add in the appropriate photobucket links for each day. I'd also like to apologize for a good number of the pictures, as the camera settings weren't right and half my photos ended up being far too dark. So sorry! I will do better next time. >_< It's taking me extra time since I'm pulling pictures I put up on Twitter as well. So please be patient!

So long!

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