Saturday, July 02, 2011

Anime Expo 2011 - Day 1

Anime Expo day 1 was really really fun – it was a amazingly good day. Despite not really going after pictures of cosplayers, I actually took a fair amount of pictures of them (but not as much as Conji or Comic-Con).

The major downers throughout the day is the lines, and how poorly organized they were. Making people line up outside and bake in the sun somewhat is not a good idea of a good time. And lining up on top of tape instead of being sandwiched between tape (ala comic-con) made things more complicated for line organizers.  
The prices for food are also quite on the expensive side – will be looking to hit up Jack in the Box more.

Skipped the Kalafina and Sawashiro panels – since both had lines snaking around the corridors of the con. Miku keynote was very entertaining, despite the fact half the information talked about – hardcore vocaloid followers already knew. It’ll be interesting to see how pans out.

Highly disappointed to show up at the Kid Nemo booth and find out the Mirai Millennium shirt is $75. No matter what – I cannot justify to my wallet that any shirt is worth that much. I may pick up another Mirai shirt instead tomorrow.

NIRGILIS is amazing – Yuki-chan is <3. Glad that she looks to be 100% back after the accident she had a while back. Danny Choo’s panel was pretty interesting – I think it’d be easy for me to say that I’m really really entrenched in “The Comfort Zone”. Lastly, Kurosaki Maon’s performance tonight was absolutely amazing. She sounds great live in person as when I first heard her live at MOGRA almost a year ago.

That’s it for Day 1. Man, this is just Day 1…

                                                                                                                                 <- Day 0 Day 2 ->

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