Friday, July 01, 2011

Anime Expo 2011 - Day 0

Day 0 of Anime Expo has come and gone. Not much happening other then sharing as many germs with other people as possible when giving high fives in line.

More detail after the jump.

The line didn't even start moving until about 4:30pm - an hour and a half later then the stated start time. The badge line was a mess, and I hope they work on this more.

Once I got myself through the badge line, I pretty much beelined it to the concert ticket line. It was there that I found out there were 200 more Miku tickets at $40 a pop. Obviously, I bought one.

With what I set out to do today pretty much done, I took photos here and there. Some of them below.

Tomorrow should be fairly fun. Lots of cosplay, panels, and NIRGILIS and Danny Choo and Maon Kurosaki!

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