Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Anime Expo 2011 - Day 3

Wow, day 3 was amazing. I have never went to a convention where Sunday felt like a Thursday. Anyway, more behind the jump.

Day started off with bad news - Maon Kurosaki cancelled her morning autograph session. Was kinda sad but it allowed me to run off to the MegaTokyo panel. Jack totally hijacked the panel at the end, with his mortified dad putting his hand on his face. One of the longest running in-jokes on the MT forums is that I've always asked Dom to sign my MT vol 3 and 5 for the past 5-6 years. I finally caught up to Dom and he signed it, so now when I get home I have a forum signature to change.

After the panel, it was off to DannyChooXFAKKU's meet and greet. Was quite interesting and fun interacting with people there. Didnt stick around too long, as I hit up NIRGILIS's panel. It was fun being at their panel, and it was fun seeing their reaction to members of the MOGRA Overseas Fan Club being there. I went back to Danny Choo's meetup afterward and snapped a picture of both of us.

Went to Maon Kurosaki's concert afterward - absolutely fun, though the sound compared to Kalafina and NIRGILIS was complete trash (and they had issues too.) Was still a lot of fun, and I'm wearing one of her shirts now for Day 4.

After that, I had some lunch before going to the DANCEROID dance competition. Two friends of mine whom I met from Comic-Con and Anime Conji were participating in it, so I was cheering them on. At the last minute though, they changed one of the two allowed songs they can dance to another song (Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru, not choreographed by DANCEROID) and many dancers were upset. They allowed them to dance any of the three, using a 90 second cutoff time on Luka. My friends did alright, one was too nervous and one started crying after her performance. Anyway, it was cool seeing Kozue and Ikura, and it was fun seeing everyone's performance. Especially the winner - Matroska hoodie flip in the middle of the performance was pretty pro.


  1. could I please use that pic that you took of the contestants?
    I'm one of them and would really like to have that pic as my I.D. on deviantart, I would credit you for taking it of course.
    please let me know if it is alright with you
    -Chibi (contestant #3)

  2. You're more then welcome to repost the pic. If you want, I can also give you an original copy of whatever pictures you want - the pictures here are resized from the original 3872x2176 resolution format.