Friday, July 23, 2010

San Diego Comic-Con 2010 - Day 1

Wow was today super busy. Thursday has started to become a very exhausting day, and despite the fact there were a significant lack of gatherings today, there was a TON of cosplayers today. I probably should have 300 pictures, but I stopped taking pictures after around 4:30pm to attend panels.

By the way, my pictures of Comic-Con for this year is located on my Photobucket - which includes last night's Preview Night pictures.

Also, the Westboro Baptisi Church got majorly trolled today.

Anyway, hit the jump to see more pictures.

The Manny Pacquiao doll. Suggested retail price? $500 USD. Yea, have fun buying that.

Yes, that unicorn really is so fluffy.
Considering how retardedly easy it is for people to make signs at the convention (they steal cardboard from the cardboard trash bins) - it's no surprise that Westboro Baptist Church pretty much got ran off. Anyway, some other highlights of my day today:
  • Normally I don't go posting pictures of myself. It's bad because I look like someone that should never see the light of day. But when there's Chris Metzen involved, I think it's okay. By the way - he assures me that Elune is NOT a Naaru, as theorized by the Know Your Lore writer.
  • Chilled out at the Capcom panel - Dead Rising 2 looks pretty awesome, as does MvC 3. Just when did they age Ieyasu from a whiny little kid to a bare-fisted kick ass fighter in Sengoku Basara? Did I miss something? Also, the Mega Man Universe trailer looked really... horridly fake and dumb. Then again, there hasn't been much of anything on Mega Man Universe - they haven't even really started development.
  • I normally don't fall asleep in panels. But I got so tired, I slept through parts of the Lost in Translation panel. Apparently I missed the part about them discussing the closure of the onemanga website.
  • Some of those Bandai guys speak some darn good English. English dubbing of Haruhi-chan made me wish to hear Aya Hirano and crew again. 
  • The Final Fantasy concert tonight overall was pretty good. Unfortunately, the one from four years ago was better - which is a shame because there were 21 Japanese dignitaries from the Square Enix offices who were in town because of Comic-Con. Also included a appearance by Vanille's English voice actress (she really has a great Irish accent) as well as Nobuo Uematsu, who sang with the choir during the encore song, Sepiroth's Theme.
Overall, a very good but tiring day. And this was only Day 1! Back in early tomorrow, hopefully with less burnout.

Cosplayer of the Day

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  1. Capcom was horrible at announcements this year. It was like "look at this game" we would go "do we get details" their reply is a metaphorical middle finger and them saying ""we're Capcom, you'll love it anyway."