Wednesday, July 21, 2010

San Diego Comic-Con 2010 - Day 0

Day Zero has arrived for Comic-Con. Now people may wonder - why does Comic-Con start off with a "Day Zero"?

Well, a few years back, Comic-Con started doing "Preview Night", which opens up the Comic-Con Exhibit Hall on the wednesday night before the start of the convention - exclusive only to those with four-day badges. Pretty much, you get three hours of insanity, starting with exploring the massive Comic-Con exhibit hall AND checking out the random events going on at the same time! There's always a lot to do at Comic-Con, and it all starts tonight.

Naturally - I'll be there at ground zero, taking photos, tweeting ( ), and just having some darn fun. Jump after the break to check out my time at Comic-Con's Preview Night!

I'm currently preparing my gear for Comic-Con right now. I'll be running around with my MegaTokyo bookbag and my unique poster tube with drawings and signatures from Piro and Gabe. I should be over at the convention site at around 3 or 4pm today.

The unfortunate thing is that it seems twitpic is really slow in getting my pictures from my cellphone and getting it up on twitter (I did one yesterday, and it didn't get on twitter until nearly 12 hours after I sent it through my cellphone). So I won't be able to provide any pictures this year immediately to twitter via my phone. And as of right now, I have no laptop to use to access the free wi-fi to put my camera pictures up on short notice. So updates to the blog will be coming late (approx midnight PST).

So when you see the update to this post, it'll probably be at around 11pm to midnight PST tonight. Until then...

Preview Night is in the book, and here are some pics. A big disappointment for me is the major lack of cosplayers this year. Last year's preview night had far more cosplayers, but they all but disappeared this year.


The Green Hornet car - parked right outside the convention center, next to the Hard Rock Hotel.


Apparently I didn't know that Manny Pacquiao had his own line of toys.


 Random attendee playing with the Sony PlayStaion Move. Seeing it in action, it looks really stupid. Maybe I need to see the Wizardry demo, and I haven't seen that yet.


This picture is for a certain MegaTokyo forum member who happens to love Aoba (the girl in the picture).

Toward the end of the night, I decided to drop by the jlist booth. Then I saw Yui and I was like this:

I also ended up getting a Misaka shirt (to celebrate Mikoto Misaka winning the MegaTokyo Anime Grand Prix) and a Taiga shirt (to celebrate Taiga's triumphant trifecta last year of the AGP, Saimoe, and kMoe.) I also plan on getting a Touhou and HTT shirt tomorrow.

Cosplayers of the Day
Some other things that need mentioning before closing this post:
  • There has been some whispers online of a possible Del Rey Manga demise - I talked to Dallas Middaugh today at the Del Rey booth about exactly this. Despite the lack of a panel this year (he assures me it's because they have nothing to announce this year) - Del Rey Manga is far from dead. I'll probably go see him again sometime during the con to make sure the company gets back to communicating to it's fans via social networking mediums just so it doesn't make them look like dead fish.
  • Guess who else has no panel. Seven Seas does not have a panel - though their reasoning is that they announce on twitter now instead of having panels. 
  • Why in the world does a awesome album such as the Girls Dead Monster "Keep the Beats" LP have to cost $31?! I thought about buying it at Kinokuniya but thought better of spending $31 on a CD.
  • Cliffy B's new work - Gears of War 3 - is quite impressive. I have never played ANY Gears of War game (blasphemy, I know) but I really want to try the game this week just to see why a certain YouTube video maker totally flipped out over this game. Smacking some humans as a big beast of doom was actually quite fun.
  • EA's Metal of Honor game was pretty fun - when it wasn't random crashing the program OR the computer on me. They kept swearing I was bad luck.
  • I thought about going to the /cgl/ meetup, but I realized that I do not know anyone from /cgl/ - and like hell I'm going to start asking random people "Hey, I'm looking for some /drama/?" I'm probably better off not messing with Anons.

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