Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Day Before SDCC10

Comic-Con starts tomorrow - which means today is preparation day. I don't have much to do today, thanks to Blizzard pulling the plug on my World of Warcraft server (Velen) for 24 hours as well as pulling the StarCraft 2 beta offline permanently.

So today I'll probably be watching some anime and getting supplies for the big event tomorrow. Maybe I'll get around to making another blog post later today on some of the anime that I have been watching over the past couple days.

And maybe drop by Downtown San Diego tonight, just to see if there are people already camping out there.

Updates (and more pictures) after the jump!

Update #1 - I haven't made my rough set schedule yet, and I probably wont until tomorrow when I get my programming guide. However, here is my panel schedule I have up - though no assurances that I will be at each panel (due to attendance caps, lines, or conflicting events).


Some other schedules to look at is the one being complied over at the Cosplay.com forums, which lists a good amount of all the cosplay gatherings that will be happening this year. Another schedule to look at is the party schedule that will be going on around the convention - it's quite interesting to see whats going on around the convention during the week.

Alright, im heading out! I'll probably twitpic some pictures from the convention center before heading back home - so check my twitter out over at twitter.com/aNiMeGaMeR0 .

Update #2 - No one was at the convention center for the one hour I was there tonight. However, I did take some pictures still - including some cosplayers that were around (YES, COSPLAYERS.)

If for some reason you want the original files of the pictures above, drop me a e-mail and I'll e-mail the originals to you. This goes for any pictures that I will take for the next 5 days as well.

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