Friday, July 16, 2010

New Blog Name


This has been a long time coming. No more is this blog known as "aNiMeGaMeR's blog" - that's such a boring title. So in a attempt to make the title more flashy, I have made a new blog title!

Along with the new title, anyone trying to go to the old link will realize that I have also changed the website address of the blog to reflect the change in the blog title.

Also, as of this post, I will be using "after jumps".

Welcome to the "after jump" area! I've been meaning to switch to this for a long while now. Kotaku and Sankaku and and many other blogs use it too - and because if you see some of my older posts, some of them get image heavy so it's about time I start using them. Alright, that is all!

In other news, Mioroll.

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