Monday, July 19, 2010

Field Trip!

Test Trip 006

Finally got around to testing out my new Sony a330 Digital SLR around the San Diego Convention Center, the Gaslamp District, and Seaport Village. This little trip was taken after I got off work, fresh from a San Diego Padres sweep of the Arizona Diamondbacks - it was actually getting kind of late but the sun stayed up for quite awhile. Which is great, because the sun will probably be up still when the Comic-Con exhibit halls close at night during this week.

Anyway, more pictures, including pictures of the new ads adorning the San Diego Bayfront Hilton and the San Diego Mariott after the break!

Test Trip 011
They started putting this sign up on Friday and had it completely up at the end of the day on Saturday. The sign looks pretty epic, and as it says - "An epic of epic epicness."
Test Trip 023
This one was started probably sometime on Saturday, and was not completed by the time I took this photo, though for the most part it looks done. If you look real closely, those little lines you see are actually people... falling out of the sky. Hmm...
Test Trip 024
Good to see this sign coming back up. You know Comic-Con week is here when you see that sign put up over the north side of the convention hall.
Test Trip 050
After walking around a bit - I dropped by to nearby Seaport Village to pick up some delicious pizza from this little place. It's quite good, but expect a pretty good wait.
Test Trip 055
That over there is the USS Ronald Reagan at it's home port at NAS North Island. There was a nice effect going on with the sun rays dropping through the clouds - unfortunately I really suck in using my camera and I haven't been able to master getting those beams to really show as much as I wanted it to.
Test Trip 063
If you are in San Diego on a sunday, and you have nothing to do, you can drop by Seaport Village and see things such as this lady posing as a statue. It's quite cool to check out.

Test Trip 065
This lady clearly was freaked out by the human robot guy - but he was pretty fun to see as well. I think he did a pretty darn good job of being a hip hop dancing robot.
Test Trip 069
Lastly, before I left the area - I took one more shot of the finished Comic-Con sign that is put up. By Tuesday afternoon, when the Comic-Con crazies finally show up to camp outside for the night to be the first to get their badges - most of the convention decorations and booths will be up.

Anyway, hope to see you all at Comic-Con! Or at least drop me some comments.

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