Thursday, October 09, 2008

(Haruka Nogizaka - New Major 2009 SaiMoe powerhouse.)

Ugh, fell behind on the SaiMoe posts. Been making predictions still though through the MegaTokyo forums.

Anyway, on to results:

A2-1 = Miss (Haruka win, Rika loss)
A2-2 = Miss (Fuuko win, Fate loss)
Next round matchup: Haruka vs Fuuko

A2-3 = Correct (San win)
A2-4 = Miss (Hanyuu win, C.C. loss)
Next round matchup: San vs Hanyuu

B2-1 = Correct (Luna win)
B2-2 = Correct (Kirino win)
Next round matchup: Luna vs Kirino

B2-3 = Miss (Mikan win, Aika loss)
B2-4 = Correct (Hiro win)
Next round matchup: Mikan vs Hiro

C2-1 = Correct (Amu win)
C2-2 = Correct (Kagami win)
Next round matchup: Amu vs Kagami

C2-3 = Miss (Kyou win, Louise loss)
C2-4 = Miss (Kana win, Yuno loss)
Next round matchup: Kyou vs Kana

D2-1 = Correct (Tomoyo win)
D2-2 = Correct (Konata win)
Next round matchup: Tomoyo vs Konata

D2-3 = Correct (Rena win)
D2-4 = Correct (Miyako win)
Next round matchup: Rena vs Miyako

E2-1 = Correct (Shana win)
E2-2 = Miss (Nanoha win, Ranka loss)
Next round matchup: Shana vs Nanoha

E2-3 = Correct (Chiaki win)
E2-4 = Correct (Tamaki win)
Next round matchup: Chiaki vs Tamaki

F2-1 = Miss (Hatena win, Saki loss)
F2-2 = Correct (Nagisa win)
Next round matchup: Hatena vs Nagisa

F2-3 = Correct (Aono win)
F2-4 = Correct (Hayate win)
Next round matchup: Aono vs Hayate

G2-1 = Correct (Akari win)
G2-2 = Correct (Chihiro win)
Next round matchup: Akari vs Chihiro

G2-3 = Correct (Nagi win)
G2-4 = Correct (Tsukasa win)
Next round matchup: Nagi vs Tsukasa

H2-1 = Miss (Noe win, Isumi loss)
H2-2 = Correct (Suzu win)
Next round matchup: Noe vs Suzu

H2-3 = Correct (Hinagiku win)
H2-4 = Miss (Eika win, Tiffania loss)
Next round matchup: Hinagiku vs Eika

So, now that that's all done, here are some stats:
I went 22 out of 32 matches correct for the round, for a average of .687 (roughly 2 out of every 3 matches correct.) My total record now is 82 out of 128 matches, for a guess correct average of .640 (still roughly 2 out of every 3 matches correct). The total average won't really change much now that we are getting to 16 > 8 > 4 > 2 > 1 (total of 31 more matches total) and getting closer to crowning a new SaiMoe champion.

My picks for the next three days, since I'm heading out to BlizzCon for the weekend:

Fuuko - in a tight matchup with a equally big upset winner in Haruka. Both girls overcame clear SaiMoe favorites to get to this point. (Those being Haruka over Rika Furude, the 2007 SaiMoe champ, and Fuuko over Fate Tessarossa, the 2006 runner-up.) Fuuko to me has that "Suiseisuki" factor going for her, in that she may be getting random support from people who just hate SaiMoe and wish to just mess around with the tournament. Besides, DESU is not too far from DOZO.

Hiro - should be a good match, but with the early loss of Sae in round one, and Yuno in round two, and possibly Miyako to Rena this round, I doubt that Hiro will get the bounce this round, at least. I will believe there will be a lot of support to push Hiro through to the next round.

(Image to be edited in later - Luna Edomae(Seto no Hanayome) vs Kirino Chiba(Bamboo Blade))
Kirino - should be a bandwagon win here for Kirino. The Bamboo Blade bandwagon has been silently chugging a long, and Luna will be a casualty here.

(Image to be edited in later - Hanyuu (Higurashi) vs San Seto (Seto no Hanayome))
Hanyuu - folding to the Higurashi bandwagon here. Nearly all the Higurashi girls have been eliminated, save Hanyuu and Rena. I would think all the Higurashi fans will be uniting even more to push the bandwagon along.

(Image to be edited in later - Amu Hinamori (Shugo Chara!) vs Kagami Hiiragi (Lucky Star))
Amu - this will be a very high-powered and highly contested matchup between a new SaiMoe favorite (already beating two perennial round two favorites, Sakuya and Vita at the same time) and a big powerhouse favorite from last year who was eliminated just before the final 8. I'm going with the upset win here, as Kagami is favored to win. I just think Amu has "that" quality in her this year that Nanoha Takamachi and Sakura Kinamoto had when they won in their respective years. Japan responds well to new magical girl loli moeblobs, and Amu fits that bill.

(Image to be edited in later - Rena Ryuugi (Higurashi) vs Miyako (Hidamari Sketch))
Rena - I really just don't see Rena getting beat in this matchup. Miyako is a great character, and the character I wish to see advance, but Rena is a absolute powerhouse character. More so now that nearly the entire Higurashi cast has been eliminated.

All the round three matches (save for one) are all going to be pretty solid slobber-knocker contests. I'm sure this round may be one that will go into SaiMoe lore.

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