Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Been lazy as of late. Gomen ne. Now a Copy-pasta from myself on the MT forums:

my personal match results:

A2-1 = Miss (Haruka win, Rika loss)
A2-2 = Miss (Fuuko win, Fate loss)
Next round matchup: Haruka vs Fuuko

A2-3 = Correct (San win)
A2-4 = Miss (Hanyuu win, C.C. loss)
Next round matchup: San vs Hanyuu

B2-1 = Correct (Luna win)
B2-2 = Correct (Kirino win)
Next round matchup: Luna vs Kirino

B2-3 = Miss (Mikan win, Aika loss)
B2-4 = Correct (Hiro win)
Next round matchup: Mikan vs Hiro

C2-1 = Correct (Amu win)
C2-2 = Correct (Kagami win)
Next round matchup: Amu vs Kagami

C2-3 = Miss (Kyou win, Louise loss)
C2-4 = Miss (Kana win, Yuno loss)
Next round matchup: Kyou vs Kana

D2-1 = Correct (Tomoyo win)
D2-2 = Correct (Konata win)
Next round matchup: Tomoyo vs Konata

D2-3 = Correct (Rena win)
D2-4 = Correct (Miyako win)
Next round matchup: Rena vs Miyako

Currently sitting at 10 for 16 for the round (.625 avg), for a total combined 72 for 112 for round one and two (.642 avg). Essentially, I'm on pace to have every 2 out of 3 matches correct. Which is decent, but could be better.

And currently, E2-1 amd F2-1 has been decided. Here are my predictions for those two matches plus today's E2-2 and F2-2:


Yesterday's winners were Shana and Yousei Hatena (AKA the Question Fairy). Yes, I'm still shaking my head on why Japan is so obsessed with a stupid question fairy, but that's SaiMoe for ya.

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