Saturday, June 21, 2008

Yikes, it's been months since I have posted here. Anyway, let me recap my life from March until June.

March and April were pretty much same as usual; working, school, anime, games, eat, sleep.

May saw me finally graduate from San Diego State University with a degree in English. Woot! Also, more work. One of my Canadian cousins also graduated, so grats to him. Sadly, the last subbed episode of ARIA The Animation came out, and I was quite sad, depressed, and wanted more older Akari and Ai. ARIA is easily one of my top 5 non-violent animes and also one of the gateway animes I would use to introduce someone into anime.

June is more and more work (nineteen days of it, actually.) Also, digging the new D&D 4th edition and actually running my own campaign with me being DM. Had a cousin graduate High School, so grats to her.

So now you're caught up in my life. Now the things I hope to do sometime soon:

1) Move my Comic-Con experiences onto this blog (not likely as I will probably keep it at the MegaTokyo forums, but I want to move it here someday.)
2) Go to BlizzCon and record my experiences here.
3) Write more blog posts.
4) Write more stories on and fictionpress. Particularly, finally finishing off a old Card Captor Sakura fanfic that never got finished and writing some new material for fictionpress.
5) Find a job. Not a part-time, but a actual "bread-winner" job that will get me set for years to come.
6) Work on my health, since it's steadily getting worse.
7) Update the blog to a new look - perhaps time to move to a entirely new template.

I hope with the less work I'll have next month in July (sans Comic-Con time) I'll be able to work on some of these objectives.

Mood: Pretty good, actually.

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