Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wow, just wow. I have to react to this.

You see, look at my last post and see my standings? While certain groups shifted a bit over the weeks, what happened this week should not have happened at all.

I hope this is a wake up call to ALL the crews. Because one week you can be hot stuff, and the next week you're out.

Anyway, my top five:

1) Jabbawockeez - By far, since week 2 is the hottest and most talented dance crew on the show. They have shown that they can do interpretive dance and yet also drop and do pops, locks, and break dance moves. Still, my main concern for them still is complacency. I hope Live in Color getting knocked off this week has made them realize they need to bring the heat of week 2 EVERY WEEK, not just every other week. And I expect it next week, because it's Michael Jackson week, and MTV WILL give them Billie Jean. If MTV doesn't, people are going to ask for Randy Jackson's head on a platter. (If they weren't already) And I expect Jabba to absolutely nuke the crap out of it.

2) Kaba Modern - This crew has fallen off quite a bit since the Live Auditions, and I hope this week with Live in Color getting knocked off that they'll wake up and bring the fire that they had in the auditions and week 1. They've shown severe weaknesses now, in being nothing more then a "technical isolation" group that doesn't do big or powerful moves. I expect MTV to drop them Beat It next week, and it's probably going to be a challenge that KM will rise to.

3) Status Quo - This crew is probably the only crew left outside of the West that can challenge Jabba and Kaba. Seriously, if this crew gets knocked off next week some serious bloodbaths around America are going to happen. I honestly think that Status will probably hit bottom two again this week, though I feel they're a much better group then Sk8 and farther along then Fysh. I sure hope they kill Thriller next week, as they've proven they can do Zombies before. (See Week 1)

4) Fysh N Chicks - I wouldn't be surprised this crew bites the dust this week, and it will be disappointing when they do (I expect BreakSk8 to get saved by votes, AGAIN.) They have been bringing it every week though, but I think finally they're just not going to have enough to get through this week unless BreakSk8 hits bottom 2 (They'll crush Sk8.) A good question to ask right now is, what song do you give them MTV?

5) BreakSk8 - This crew should have been gone LAST WEEK. Hell, they should've been the third crew out, but apparently there are enough rednecks out there to keep them in the competition to not put them into bottom two. The thing is, when they DO hit bottom two, whoever will be facing them will CRUSH them like bugs, and they'll be catching the next flight to Indiana. Their moves on skates are so slow and boring that it almost begs me to change the channel during their performance. This group when they have performed has not blown me away during ANY of their performances, and now they're pretty much the borderline Sanjyah group. If they get past both Fysh and Status and make it to the semi-final week, someone in MTV deserves to be fired.

Now, to the eliminated crews of the past three weeks:

Femme Five - Girls brought it when you got eliminated. But you girls were done when Fysh hit the stage in the Auditions.

Iconic - You guys got wronged. You should've been eliminated this week, not two weeks ago. While some say you guys had the ability to beat Kabba and Jabba on a off-night (keep dreaming people) you guys showed heart and good dance moves when I thought you guys didn't have any more.

Live in Color - Talk about getting wronged. You guys got ROBBED. You should have never even touched bottom two until semi-finals and now you guys are gone?! America has done you guys dirty, and you have BreakSk8's voters to thank for that. BreakSk8 has been a dead crew in the water for the past three weeks and yet people still are voting for them in the top three. You guys and Iconic got wronged by Sk8, and sadly I think Fysh or Status will get wronged by them too next week. You guys were the only ones that could beat Jabba or Kaba on a GOOD night, and now that you guys are gone we might as well skip forward to the final week with Jabba and Kaba.

Last week made me sad. This week made me mad. If the judges get forced to voting between Status and Fysh next week, it's going to be sad because Sk8 is stealing another crew's spot that is better then them. And I dear hope to god that Sk8 when they make it past next week on votes, that two weeks from now the judges will see how lame they (and their dances and routines) are and kick their ass off the show.

Mood: Pissed.

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