Sunday, July 13, 2008


Excuse the construction, version 5.0 is coming now. I hope to have it done by tuesday this week. Until then, enjoy this plan vanilla version of the blog.

The 2008 San Diego International Comic Convention is nearly here, and I can't wait. There's alot to do, and I don't have my itinerary planed out yet. I think it was back in 2005 when I started planning out what I was going to do at the con before the Con even opened, but this year it'll be different since I'm paying my way in this time and not volunteering like I have done in the past. It'll be nice to have more time though to roam around and hit the things I wanna see.

Anyway, there's been a lack of something on this blog... oh right, ANIME.

You will now watch the video above until the song and dance is ingrained into your head. Seriously, Macross Frontier is my pick for best anime of the year by far. Code Geass season 2 and Clannad have nothing on it. ARIA the Origination is close, but it just can't beat the win that is Ranka Lee and Sheryl Nome.

Wait what, you wanna know how to do the dance? If you can read moonspeak and hand gestures, try learning from the video below. While it probably won't get to the levels that the Hare Hare Yukai or Lucky Star dances got to, but I still expect to see at least some Japanese people try. The moonrunes will probably scare off everyone else though. =(

By the way, Yoko Kanno must be one rich girl.


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