Monday, February 11, 2008

I'm sure people all over the internet has been watching America's Best Dance Crew. So, here's my .02 on the crews.

aNiMeGaMeR's Power Rankings:

1) Kaba Modern - Some may dispute this, but it's obvious that they are by far the best crew on the show. Their moves are the sharpest out of everybody (including the Jabbawockeez) and what they are doing right now is pressuring the rest of the crews to be more risk-taking. In a way, you can say Kaba Modern is the New England Patriots of the show in that everything seems so perfect in them. That said, I know they can take it and win it all the way, but my main concern for them is when it comes to the Battlezone. As far as I know (looking at various YouTube vids, and knowing how the Filipino College Dance Crews work), they are wholly unproven in the Battlezone. If they get sent into the battlezone at some point of the competition, I wouldn't know how well they would fare against the battle-tested groups like Live in Color and Status Quo. That said, it may be a long time from now that we will ever see them in the battlezone.

2) Live in Color - Now I really know some may say they are far more lower then what they deserve in this spot. However, this week they are stronger then the Jabbawockeez because they brought it and they brought the energy. This crew is all about energy and in your face power moves. The very fact that they came out with a half-done routine and killed it shows how talented and good they are. My concern is mainly how well they will do down the stretch. Both Kaba Modern and the Jabbawockieez can throw out 10 minute routines if they wanted to, but I don't know if this crew can. So if they get to the last 2-3 weeks of the show, I'm not sure if they can keep bring the energy like they did this week without blowing themselves out.

3) Jabbawockeez - The crew in the video above, and also from the 619 like I am. If I were to combine the two weeks of performances together, they would actually be #2. The only reason they are #3 is because the judges picked Live in Color over the Jabbawockeez. Aside from that, this crew seemingly has no weaknesses. Unlike Kaba Modern, I'm sure if they were to step into the Battlezone, they will kill the other team with their overall talent and experience. That said, if there is a weakness, the weakness is complacency. Their routines, while great, are not mind blowingly great like Kaba Modern's or as lively and energetic as Live in Color. However, that is a relatively small weakness, but it's a weakness they have to watch out for or they can get sent home in the final 4 weeks.

4) Status Quo - I love this crew out of Boston (though I hate you Patriot fans.) They bring the "Stomp the Yard" type mentality to the competition, and they got some crazy power moves. Their sense of humor in their routines are also very entertaining, and they have a lot of memorable parts in their routines. That said, this group to me is the X-factor of the competition. They're hot, their hoppin, but I don't know if they can challenge the top 3 of the power rankings. They also don't have any apparent weakness, but no apparent strengths either, which eventually could lead their them getting booted a month from now.

5)Fysh n Chicks - The all-girl crew from LA is very good, but I don't know if they are at the level that the top 3 crews are at right now. These girls are every bit as good as Status Quo at #4, but their routines are a bit messy right now. They have some major weaknesses (untested in the battlezone, messy formations, isolations not quite as sharp as they could be) but they're still far better then the rest of the groups below.

6) Iconic - This crew this week got tested and won. Their main performance was actually very good, and while there were some minor issues, they were not apparent. However, this crew still got sent to the battlezone. I think my sister put it best, in that this crew got sent against Enigma because the judges wanted to bounce Enigma from the competition. If they sent in Femme 5, they might have not been able to do so. Not only that, the judges got to see what they wanted, that this "dance studio" type broadway crew can battle it out with the other crews when forced. Until this week, I think they were unproven, but they proved themselves this week to be capable, even though in my opinion Enigma edged them out in the battlezone.

7) BreakSk8 - I don't know how much longer this crew can go on skates, honestly. I don't think there are enough moves on skates you can do to last the entire competition, and eventually the blandness of the moves will catch up to them and send them home. Until then, they're entertaining but I don't think they can bring it like the other crews can.

8) Femme 5 - You could tell from the audience that the audience was shocked they got saved by the judges. They got saved last week, but their on the chopping block this week. Their moves and routines are just not as good as any of the other crews, and their lack of experience is quickly catching up on them. Their moves are not as sharp, nor executed as good as the other crews. Fysh n Chicks are a much much better girl crew then this crew, and they're only around because of Enigma's drama. If anything, this week may save them again if they do a old school Britney Spears routine, but they're done this week or next week.

A final blurp about Enigma Dance Kru, who got booted this week. This crew is a much stronger crew then even Status Quo in their YouTubes, but their in-crew Drama sunk them and done them in. Their routine was bland, and it pissed the judges off. Thus, when Iconic got sent in to battle them, unless they literally smashes Iconic off the stage, they were pretty much sent home packing. The judges had a vendetta this week of sending home crews with in-crew fighting, and it showing up in their routine. If they managed to fix their drama sooner, and took more risks in their routine, they probably would have not been ousted this week. Not only that, their in-fighting saved the weakest crew in the competition (Femme 5) and they only have themselves to blame. Oh yea, their YouTube of their trip to the open call auditions is kinda boring.

There is my opinion on the crews on this show. I'll try to do a blog post of what I thought of each week's performances, so I can post on this blog finally. Honestly, this is the best show MTV has put out in a long time, and I'm glad us Asians are representing in this show.

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