Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Yuki and Haruhi are friggin Guitar Heroes.

June 21st, 2006

Damn you Haruhi. Damn you KyoAni. Why must you be so good? Damn you.

Moving on, it's been quite an interesting weekend for me. The trip up to Perris to see Gutsu (see: World of Warcraft) along with three other friends. The discussions up there were pretty interesting, who knew we could go on about surviving zombies and laughing at YouTube idiots for a good chunk of the weekend? I also wrote the ATV up there, and decided to flip over the front bars and thank that I decided to wear a helmet. Oh yeah, did I mention WoW? We played a bunch of that.

Yesterday over at the San Diego County Fair was pretty fun. Riding some of the rides, eating some of the food, and watching some Chinese martial arts and the Hypnotist was pretty cool. Though, me and my sister got hussled out of roughly $60-$80 bucks trying to win a PSP. Don't ask.

Work coming up this weekend, and for some days after that. Whee. Comic-Con coming up VERY soon. I don't exactly know what my plans are for Comic-Con, but if I end up going all four days, it's going to be a very LIMITED schedule and I won't be able to do nearly half the things I did last year. After the incident last year, I wanted to come out full power this year for the Con, but unfortunately other things such as family apparently have other ideas.


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