Thursday, June 01, 2006

Returning back to the grind

If you just happen to know me back when I was playing WoW over on Eonar, you might like to know I have just reactivated my account and my comeback starts early today. The last time I played, the game actually just came out with the 1.9 patch. Which doesn't seem a long time ago, until I think about how far my former guild, Revelation, has gotten. From what their forums say, they have gotten past Nef. I wouldn't think it would be too long now for them to start doing AQ runs. My gear at best is way behind the times for them (6/8 Devout, Fire Resist of absolute crap), and I'm not fully attuned yet (BWL attuned, not MC nor Onyxia yet.)

So sadly, Agchan is in desprate need of some better gear and getting her attuned. Which may be easy or hard, depending if I can get help in-game. It's that or begin working on both Sakiki or Misumi to 60 and get them some end-game gear. Since I don't have work until June 9th, I have about nine or so days to get Agchan up to shape and get my mid-level characters up to the low-50s.

And still feed my addiction for Haruhi. Damn you Haruhi.


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