Sunday, July 16, 2006

July 16th, 2006

Hooray for three week silences, right? Just recently downloaded MUGEN, so now I'm going to lose alot of hard-drive room. >_>

Current situation regarding Family Reunion / San Diego Comic-Con:
As of right now, I do know I will at LEAST make one day. As to which day, all I can say for certain is that it will definately will not be Saturday when the family party will happen. And we all know, that aside from the extra I-cant-breathe-too-many-people-crowd that Saturday is the absolute best day to go. I'm shooting to at least go twice, so that I don't have to rush all the things I want to do at the con. First on thursday to see two panels (CMX Panel feat. Fred from MegaTokyo and the Del Rey panel.) and also to get a look around the floor. That Blizzard booth with the current beta of WoW:Burning Crusade doesn't look too bad, and having a day just to go after freebies would be good. Now for the things I'm already crying about:
  • I'm going to miss Ryuhei Kitamura. Who is he, you ask? Why, he only directed three of my favorite japanese films ever - Versus, Sky High, and Azumi (the latter getting a SCREENING at the Con at night. Double wammy.)
  • Camera status - MIA. That's right, I do NOT have a camera yet to replace the one that was stolen from me at last year's con. So I can't even take pictures of the days I *DO* go.
  • I'm going to miss panels. A hell of a lot of them. Missing panels suck because you miss out on obtaining free stuff, particularly if they include $100 DVD boxsets and what-not. Not to mention the gaming panels that are actually VERY decent this year. Missing the writing for the Gaming Industry panels is going to hurt alot.
  • Mingling with the cosplayers and going to the Masquerade. That was really fun actually dropping by the gathering last year, and missing it this year is going to suck. Especially since this year, there's a good chance I may see a actual Filipina cosplay Talim. Okay, that might be stretching it, but still...
Obviously, missing all four days will hurt, and I just hope I can at least go to two. Well, gotta wrap up now since I have to get ready for Work. Not that watching blowouts like the one last night are enjoyable.


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