Tuesday, May 23, 2006

May 23rd, 2006

More Haruhi Spam, because she is just made of win and cool.

Guitar-rockin Hare Hare Yukai!

Combination of Nanoha and Haruhi, two of my favorite recent animes.

The original is just amusing, this takes it to the level of coolness.

Well, not much happening currently post-school. Just found out my family reunion and the SDCC is occurring at the exact same time on the exact same days. Talk about ultra-lame.

As for any stories from me anytime soon, I'm due to put up some of the stuff I worked on in my Eng 571 class. Mostly paragraph long stories of single scenes; except for one. That one is a story I may not put up since I might actually shop it around and try to get it published in a serialization somewhere, which would be nice. Which story? Go back a few posts, about three-five posts. I mentioned writing a story along the vein of Hansuki, right? It's that story, which at current length is around five pages double spaced. In actuality, it should be around eight to ten pages to get the full story across; I did kinda rush it in the end.

Also working on a complete new D&D world that I have aptly named Idoin. With one of that world's main stars naturally being Saki Honda. It's still in massive development, and I really want to start writing fictional stories based off on that world. Its not where I want to be in terms of grounding yet though, so it'll be a long time yet (to be quite frank, a actual story shouldn't even be happening til late this year.)

Anyway, more work coming soon, yay. Apparently the Padres are back to their losing ways. I'm just looking forward to getting paid and that's it.


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