Tuesday, May 16, 2006

May 16th, 2006

More Haruhi love above, this time a guy is playing a piano version of the ending theme of the series.

Finals is ALMOST over finally. Thank god. Finally I will have time to actually do some other things besides study and work. Like... maybe see a friend or two I haven't hung out with for a month or two. I can also use this time to get off my ass and write a new story to post up on FictionPress as well as work on a new D&D campaign setting I have a idea for. Not to mention mentally and financially prepare for my usual big event of the summer: the 2006 San Diego International Comic Convention. This year, I'm preparing to go with a SOS-Dan armband on the left arm, so if you like Haruhi come down with a armband too.

Well, one more final to go and that is tomarrow. See you guys sometime soon.


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