Tuesday, April 18, 2006

April 18th, 2006


Oh god, I think im wasting away because of one girl. Okay, that girl isn't real, but hell...

Anyway, I solely blame Haruhi Suzumiya for the month long silence in this blog. Her character is just so out there that it's incredibly pulling to those who have seen more then ten anime. I'm sure someone who has not seen any anime would be: "What is the big deal? Okay, she extorts people, bullies them, and gropes their boobs if they have any. Big deal."

But in anime, this type of behavor is usually split in two: 1) The evil side is just that, only with evil characters who are pretty much given to the viewer to hate, 2) Boob grabbers are usually very close friends or crazy sex-starved Americans. The fact that both are put together into one Japanese schoolgirl who is not only atheltically gifted, academically gifted, and very cute is pretty unheard of. Not to mention she's pretty insane in the head yet still sane. Paradox, I know. Did I mention she only wants to go out with Aliens, ESPers, or Time Travelers and basically lacks any universially accepted personality traits (i.e. isn't even phased when she changes clothes in front of guys, and not afraid to do so in public settings.)

Did I forget to mention this series is only going to be 14 episodes long, and it's only up to episode three?

Anyway, I think I better stop here. I could go on more about Haruhi, but I'd rather let the thousands of other anime bloggers out there say what I want to say for me. Though really, I look up to and envy Kyon.


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