Wednesday, January 04, 2006

January 4th, 2005

Ah, a past midnight post for me tonight. This means if I find time to post again, i'll have to edit this post.

Anyway, Happy belated Holidays. So yeah, Merry Christmas and Happy New Years.

I want to get to the World of Warcraft front first, since it's an issue that may come up. As some of you who may have stumbled in here, I'm the user of one level 60 human priest on Eonar named Agchan. I've decided for right now to quit WoW to pursue other goals in life (like maybe trying to figure out what to do with my life). So to all my Revelation mates, sorry! When I come back to WoW (and I will come back, my friends and patch 1.10 will make sure of it) I'll do everything I can to rejoin you guys.

On to the world known as real life. I'm unofficially a English major now. I still have to go officially change it, but it's just formalities as far as I can see (I meet all requirements, so I shouldn't have a problem switching majors). My dad obviously isn't a happy camper about it, but I want to pursue English since I feel it's the only thing I think I can pursue without failing hard at. Kind of a sad way to look at it, but it's pratically true. Besides, in going this direction, I think my appreciation for culture in general will increase, as well as my writing talent. Right now, my writing talent is decent for what it is; yet, my grammer is about as good as a middle-schooler. I want to go change that and I feel it's important for me to do so; If my grammer skills do not get any better, my writing as a whole will not get better.

I think im done with the real life rant for now. On to other things...

I've installed MS Word finally on my desktop, next step most likely is to begin the rewriting of Dual Gender. Why choose to write this story first instead of rebeginning Tenshihime or writing more Heart of Mars? I feel that as nice a story Dual Gender is, there is much more left to be explored in each chapter. Writing the first two chapters of Heart of Mars and reading all the stories I seen in English 581w has opened some doors for me that I have never seen before within Dual Gender. While good amounts of the story will remain intact, this revision will include most likely whole paragraphs or even whole pages to each chapter that'll paint more of each character in the story.

Also, for those wondering, I think most likely I will finally have to give Hidy-chan an actual form besides the line "the most prettiest girl in school." I don't know how I'm going to describe a character that originally is intended to be the reader's dream-girl, but I'm going to give it a shot.

One more comment before I close this rant. Lately I've been feeling lonely. Not in the alone from the world sense, but in the sense of not being able to share things that you normally could with a sigificant other. The realization that as I age, the likeliness I'll fall in love with someone and be in a relationship again is slowly dimishing. Then again, it was with this feeling that I wrote my first CCS fanfic with, CardCaptors. Seriously, when I get to rewriting that story, I swear to make a better name for the story.

Well, that's it for now. I've ranted a little too long. I feel like a old man now. -_-

EDIT - One last thing, finally updated the sidebar. ^_^

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