Wednesday, December 21, 2005

December 21st, 2005

Holy crap how time flies. I've been meaning to post on this sucker since the end of August. Whoops. Tomarrow I think i'll do a little site overhawl. Nothing major, just some updating of info and such.

Anyway, this past fall semester hasn't been too bad. Certainly wasn't the hell I had this spring when I failed three classes. I only failed one, I think. Japanese 111. I kinda expected to fail though, considering that I naturally suck at learning languages. I haven't done it yet, but I will also be changing majors to English. I think getting out of CS will be good for me and getting into something that maybe I should do more often. Write.

Speaking of writing, maybe I should get started on...
- Rewrite of Mahou Tenshihime
- Reedit of CardCaptors (I seriously should just make a better title for this series.)
- Reedit/Cleanup of Dual Gender
- Keep writing my "novel" titled "Heart of Mars"

As for that last item, it's only two chapters right now and I plan to make it a novel (so it should really number anywhere from 26 to 52 chapters). Of course, nothing ever goes as it seems as was the case with every story I have written. Some of them just need some clutter clean-up (Dual Gender) and some need total rewrites (Mahou Tenshihime).

In any case, the premise of Heart of Mars is about a young male pilot who already is considered in the solar system as the savior to Mars. Yet, in his heart, he isn't even able to save himself from the anguish of his experiences. This begins to change with the introduction of a young girl who just happens to be a tactical genius and becomes his immediate commanding officer. This story unfolds in the mist of a ten year war with the mysterious Lilithians, and is only one of many.

Yeah, I know it sounds very "gundam" or "robotech" -like, but I'm using what I have heard and seen in series like those and others (Banner of the Stars, Nadesico, Outlaw Star, etc.) in writing a unique anime/real life hybrid of a novel. It's a total experiment in itself that interested my English 581w class this semester, so I think I'll try to focus to keep writing on it while doing some other writing on other stories.

Well, I think that should be it for now. I don't want to rant too long. For those who *still* check on this blog and read it, thank you for reading. Please come back and let me know how I'm doing, onegai shimasu! ^_^


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