Monday, January 30, 2006

January 30th, 2006

Ah, the new semester has started. I still have yet to make it official, but I will be an English major by the end of this semester. Oh yeah, for those who wish to contact me IRL and want to make sure they don't catch me when I have class, I'll be listing my class schedule now:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday -
English 250A - 10am to 10:50am
Anthropology 402 - 1pm to 1:50pm

Tuesday -
English 525 - 3:30pm to 6:10pm

Thursday -
English 571 - 3:30pm to 6:10pm

Aside from school starting up, I may or may not post my short stories created in 571 (Techniques of the Short Story) up on fictionpress. I may wait about two weeks after the assignment and maybe improve them after they have been work shopped. Actually, my homework for that class is to write a fairy tale, allegory, fable or parable in at least one to two pages. So it'll be something new and interesting if I manage to do post that short story up.

This is also the time of the year my workplace calls me back in. This past wednesday I met up with some old co-workers as we are getting all the stuff together for the new baseball season. Though, how many people are going to be able to say they got in to the World Baseball Classic for free, let alone the Semi-finals and the Finals? It's stuff like the WBC that I'm glad to be working over at PETCO Park, even if some people consider it a crappy (but important in it's own way) job. Anyway, I still have some more tech training and such before March, but it'll be fun to see some old faces and to get working again in my usual stomping ground.

Lastly, I'm glad to see *some* type of activity on my tag-board. I really was starting to think no one really reads this blog at all. It's my hope to actually be consistant in posting (this makes it the third time I have said that since I made this blog? lol.) and I might regulate myself to post every monday and friday to do just that. Though, it might be hard to think of stuff to type, I'm sure that within those time spans I can think of something.

Oh yeah, before I forget. It looks like it is time to update the look of the blog once again. The sidebar needs a update (WoW stats really won't change, but I do have to add Flyff stats now) as well as fixing my avatar and updating the site with new colors and new pictures. Heck, I even need to start doing my emote pictures again. As much as I love AIR and My-HiME, it's time to replace Mai and Misuzu. Most likely I'll be replacing them with Nanoha from Magical Lyrical Girl Nanoha and maybe Arika from My-Otome. Or Shana of Shakugan no Shana. Or a girl that's older then sixteen for that matter. ^_^;;


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