Wednesday, August 17, 2005

August 17th, 2005

Hiya all, long time no see.

Well, alot of things fell through this summer that I wanted to do at the onset of this summer.

I never finished Tenshihime. Never really started my other writing project, and worse of all, I lost the digital camera that I have used in the past three comic-cons during this year's comic-con. How crappy is that?

In any case, I'm just posting to make sure to please the five people who actually come here to read about my life. I seriously have no backbone. ^_^;;

I'm still in CS, though i'm planning tomarrow to change majors to *something*, most likely English. I have three F's from last semester, so I have to really push hard this year to get my GPA back up, since it's dipped under 2.5.

And yet still, my WoW characters have not hit level 60.

Talk about a disappointing year so far. Oh well, I'm still gonna try to push for my birthday vegas trip, but I doubt that'll happen now.

My luck sucks. -_-

Well, enough with my griping and wagging my tail. I must get back to the life I know as Real Life. I hate real life.


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