Saturday, February 12, 2005

Saturday, Feburary 12th, 2005

As you may have noticed, I have done a complete redesign of the blog now. I'm also axing the "journal" out of the site name and adding in "blog". This is just simply because I felt like it. XD

Well, time to explain the new things...

  • Renaming the site to "aNiMeGaMeR's bLoG", which will be done over time.
  • Completely new design, with more pictures and new colors
  • Chucked the archive of doom to the bottom of the navi bar.
  • Chucked the chatterbox up to the middle of the navi bar.
  • Added a "about" section that is just minor stats about me.
  • Added a "currently watching" section to show what animes I'm currently following. (I would add Genshiken to that list, but the last episode is due out sometime soon.)
  • Added a large section to detailing all my game characters, from Priston Tales to obviously World of Warcraft.
There will be more changes, but they'll most likely be more subtle. Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys the new site design. ^_^


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