Monday, February 14, 2005

Feburary 14th, 2005

Another Valentines Day...

Another time for me not to celebrate it. There were only two times in my life I could have actually celebrated it. That was in 2001 and 2002, and guess who I could've shared it with. The fact that she keeps coming up in my mind after 3 years is really annoying now. I want to move on. I WISH to move on. Yet, I can't. I'm stuck thinking about a time of my life three years ago, and that really sucks. Anyway, I didn't really celebrate it with her as much as I could have. The first time we just IMed each other and sent love letters. The second time around she sent me a present and I ended up not giving her one back (a big fault of my own.) So yeah, for me Valentines Day sucks until I can finally get over that time in my life where I made mistakes and never went back to fix them.

Onto other news, Mahou Tenshihime chapter two is now up. Please read and review over there and tell me what you think!

It's gonna be crunch time soon for me concerning school, since I have a midterm this week and major projects due at the end of the month. That's not to add in having to call up a traffic school to do my traffic schooling and also calling my old workplace to check to see if they'll rehire me back to PETCO Park for the upcoming season.

Somehow, I'll endure and manage to get chapter three up next week... I hope. Chapter four is a whole 'nother beast though since it's put into a bad time frame. Oh well, gotta keep trudging.

There are also alot of things I'm thinking about. One of which is to celebrate the five year anniversary of my first story on (The Total Annihilation story doesn't count, since that entire story was written and posted on a TA forum long before it reached FFN.) So to commenmerate, I've decided starting October 29th, 2005 that I will do a complete revision of all three arcs of it. This revision will include name changes to the japanese name (like Madison to Tomoyo), fixing alot of visual stuff (which should be automatic now compared to back then), fixing grammer and smoothing out the story, and finally... new scenes! I said it, new scenes! Alternate Reality will be extended to almost three times it's current length (and will be fixed to make much more sense with the other two arcs), Temptation will be doubled in length, and the Final Card arc will have just a tad more added. I'll most likely start preparing to make the revisions ASAP, since if I wait too long i'll forget. XD

The other thing I'm thinking about is creating a new website for stuff. I used to have a geocities site a long long time ago, back in 9th grade. (That's around 1997 people!) Stuff will include reviews of anime I have seen, a Talim picture gallery (I have a expanding collection of pics of cosplayers and drawings now!), a section for cool stuff I think is cool, and some other stuff. Well, that's about it for now.


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