Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Feburary 8th, 2005

Ah, the days when I thought Mr. Sneed was strong. Long gone are those days. He's just an annoyance now for my alternates on Eonar. So, without further ado...

WoW Update:

Eonar - Normal

Agchan - Level 39 Human Priest - 201 Tailoring / 156 Enchanting (50g short of mount.)
Sakiki - Level 23 Night Elf Hunter - 1?? Leatherworking/ 1?? Skinning
Sanne - Level 14 Human Mage - 60 Alchemy / 80 Herbalism
Misuzu - Level 12 Human Rogue - ?? Skinning / ?? Mining
Misumi - Level 9 Human Paladin - 45 Blacksmithing / ?? Mining

Tichrondrius - PvP

Kyoun - Level 6 Tauren Shaman - Skinning / Tailoring
Animegamer - Level 12 Orc Warrior - Mining / Blacksmithing
Sakki - Level 1 Troll Priest (unstarted)

As you may have noticed, Agchan is much short of her horse. This is bad. Very bad. This is in addition that I also need to update her skills and update more importantly her spells. The other thing that may be noticed is that I put Kyoun over Animegamer. This is because I plan to (if i play on Tichrondrius much) make Kyoun my main character now. This is because after playing a warrior for awhile, I found I really hated the crap out of it. Thus, no more Suzu on Eonar (being replaced by Misumi) and I also added a cash rogue to help suppliment Agchan's money woes.

I also plan to make characters on another PvP server (with hopefully a low pop) for alliance. That also means that I will make Horde characters on Eonar at some point... just that it won't be until I get Agchan up to 50 or so. Most likely candidates include importing Kyoun the Tauren Shaman (Leatherworking / Skinning) and making Animegamer a Undead Warlock (Alchemy / Herbalism.)

All of this, and I won't be playing WoW today and most of tomarrow. Darn house inspections.

In other news, Mahou Tenshihime chapter one is now up. Right now, there really isn't much of a ending in mind though if anyone knows Anthony... I think I'll be taking the ending that way. =P

Oh yeah, school sucks. 'nuff said.

Well, that's about it for now. Maybe next time i'll get to talking about Konomini, AIR, My-HiME, and some other unlicensed anime goodies out right now.


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