Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Feburary 2nd, 2005

To anyone waiting for my next story, "Tenshihime", it's on hold (how surprising) until I can go back and edit all the chapters I have worked on so far. I'll now shoot for Feburary 12th, but don't have any hopes up it'll be up at that time.

WoW Status:

Eonar (PvE):

Agchan - Level 37 Priest - 152 Enchanting/200 Tailoring
Sakiki - Level 23 Hunter - 86 Leatherworking/127 Skinning
Sanne - Level 12 Mage - Same as before
Suzu - Level 9 Warrior - 30 Blacksmithing/50 Mining
Misuzu - Level 5 Rogue - 1 Skinning/1 Mining

Tichrondrius characters are the same as last update.

Well, I need to get running to school. I might come back and edit this later to put up some stuff. Later!


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