Sunday, January 23, 2005

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January 23rd, 2005

Hiya all, it's almost time to start school again. So, I decided to put up this picture of the Kanon girls in the AIR schoolgirl uniforms that is in episode 2 of AIR. I can't help but think all of them are a little sad. Oh well. Ayu (one on the left) is sooooo kawaii. ^_^

Anyway, I have chapter one of Tenshihime done though it needs a LOT of tweaking. Like right now, its missing alot of early character development so that needs to be addressed. Chapter two is also in the shop right now, being worked on. Realistically, I know im not going to have the series done by the time it's posted up on fictionpress, but I at least hope to have at least half of it done by then. Since I plan to put out a new chapter a week, I'll still have time to write the other chapters later on.

Oh yeah, an update on my WoW characters now:

Eonar (PvE - Normal):
Agchan (Level 33 Human Priest) <Holy Blades>
Sakiki (Level 17 Night Elf Hunter) <?>
Sanne (Level 10 Human Mage) <Thorn Walkers>
Suzu (Level 8 Human Warrior)

Tichrondrius (PvP - PvP):
Animegamer (Level 12 Orc Warrior)
Kyoun (Level 5 Tauren Shaman)
Sakki (Level 1 Troll Priest)

Well, that's about it for now. I hope this year to add more stuff (like a profile of myself on the left bar, animes i'm watching, etc.) to the blog. One of the things I really need to do soon is push the archives down below the chatterbox. Well, that's about it for now. ^_^

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