Monday, February 21, 2005

Feburary 21st, 2005

Chapter three of Mahou Tenshihime is now up, so anyone who bothers to read my writing go ahead and check it out. I got to get cracking on two big projects for my CS237 and my CS310 classes. Yay. That is in addition to going to PETCO Park on wednesday for my reorientation for my old job as a Suite Food Runner. Hurray. That's also in addition to calling some traffic school to fix up that stupid traffic ticket I got back in November.

Oh yeah, if the tagboard on the left is still not working (i think something is up with then I'll have to check on their website to see what is up.

Sigh. One by one. I'll find some way to survive. I always somehow tend to survive in some way. So in the great words of Misuzu Kamio... "V!"


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