Monday, August 30, 2004

August 30th, 2004

Bad day today. Very bad. The worst day this year. So bad, my fiction story "Dual Gender" is going to be delayed til around the middle of September because of this day.

This day today is the first day of school. And I didn't know about it.

Registering for school is usually a B**** to handle already, but doing it the first day of school is absolutely worse. On top of that, I have to crash ALL of my courses this semester. Definately not a good day to wake up to today. I know it's my own fault for not being on top of things, but with all the other things I have been doing this summer (work, canada, SDCC) I didn't even want to THINK about school let alone worry about it. I'm so burned from crashing classes that my body is ready to crash on me. I'm so worried about other stuff that everything else I want to do (writing stores, playing games, watching anime, anything else fun) is pretty much stuffed into the backburner until my life gets out of this sudden firestorm. Let's not add in work also. Just thinking that I have work this week is making me tired, and making me want to jump off a bridge. That's about it. I needed to get this out. Now I can take a nap, then go back into worry-wort mode.

Mood: Every single bad emotion in the dictionary.

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