Tuesday, June 15, 2004

June 15th, 2004

Holy crap, half a month has already gone by. First, a shout-out to my buddy Joesph for GRADUATING out of high school! W00t! I also wanna shout-out to my cousin RJ up in Canada for graduating as well. I'll see ya in a few weeks when I get up there, kay?

Now, on to my life. Oh crappy life, my life is slow. What have I done over the past week? Practically nothing but watch anime, play games, visit friends, get expensive gas, and then rinse and repeat. Speaking of which, I actually got into a writing mood and now I have posted the first chapter to my first original story ever posted anywhere. It is called Dual Gender, a story about a guy named Nobaru who suddenly becomes a girl named Misumi. I'll try to be constant in updating, but with work around the corner I hope to get ahead before I get behind. Well, that's about it. If you read the story, please please PLEASE comment about it. I have no idea who is reading the story if no one comment's on it. So please do. Well, see ya later! Ja!


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