Tuesday, May 18, 2004

May 18th, 2004

Yo, how have you all been? Gone? That's nothing new. In any case, Anthony is back and everyone had a mini-party over at my other house at El Cajon. I'm heading to Anthony's house in abit to finally begin the process of creating the coolest D&D character I have ever made. Even cooler then my fabled Saki Honda, cleric of Mystra. Just why is this character gonna be better then her? Im not going to be restricted by the Neverwinter Nights engine. It's all pen and paper and so I have alot more freedom in creating this character. Of course, not all of it is finalized, but let me tell you... she's going to whoop some people's asses.

In other news, I found that La Pucelle Tactics is sux0rz compared to Disgaea, which is a major disappointment. I also need to find the footage of Tarver KO'ing Roy Jones in the second round. Well, that's basically it for now. Nothing else of importantance and I also need to get going. Ja!


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