Friday, April 23, 2004

April 23rd, 2004

Okay, everyone can say it now.


Like you guys care about my wittle life here in San Diego. In any case, im finally able to POST something here, after being busy with work, school, games, anime, and sleep. All five in no particular order. Oh yeah, you guys who have all my Naruto discs (Yes, you all know who you are!) I need them back before Ant comes back to SD and for reference for a new PrC im making for Ant's new DnD world. I'mma also make new PrC's for the Gunblade CORE class. So yeah... imma need that Gunblade core class to do it though. Anyway, I have the evil "Mathematics Placement Examination" tomarrow and this time it's a MUST pass or face falling behind even further. (Up to maybe six years... so i'll be a super super super super senior when I graduate. XD) Wish me luck! Ja!


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