Saturday, April 10, 2004

April 10th, 2004

First thing, GO PADRES! We won our home opener at PETCO Park! W00t! Even though I wasnt working that day. ^_^;;

Anyway, I'AM working today so that means that I gotta go to work VERY soon. In any case, i'll be looking out for Barry's 660 and stuff. Of VERY important note, my cell phone which basically was dead for the past few weeks has been RESURRECTED! It seems my charger was broken, so it wasnt charging the battery in my phone no more. Well, that's been fixed, so my phone is in service once more (at least until maybe I get a new one perhaps.) Sorry to anyone (namely Mario, someone who left a message but didnt say anything, and Anthony) who I couldn't call back in the past couple weeks. Well, gotta head to work (just to note, just like school you cant call me while im working. They have a no cell phone use policy while working at PETCO Park.) See ya later guys.


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