Tuesday, April 06, 2004

April 6th, 2004

Heya guys, i've been very busy as of late. The 2004 San Diego Padres season has begun, and i'll be busy at work on most weekends working those games. Anyway, last weekend was hectic but it wasnt the total disaster that the Aztec Invitational was. The food lines were fairly long still, but not the epic one hour lines from the invitational. Opening Day is on thursday and luckily for me I wont be able to make it because of class. Unluckily for me is that class is Chem 200 of which i'm still battling to get points for. Did I mention April is "cram month"? Basically, everything ends up being due such as tests, projects, homeworks, labs, etc. The first or second week of May is finals week so everything is going to hit the fan. Well, that's about it because I have a quiz to study for that im going to take in two hours.


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