Thursday, March 04, 2004

March 4th, 2004

Bad day today. Again. Fsck my bad luck. For two straight days, i've had a bad day. I slept in all my classes yesterday (except for Bowling...cant sleep in that), had Fred of MT flame me twice, and im low on $$$. That's not to mention what happened today, in which I overslept a nap, didn't have time to study for a quiz and I failed it. Horribily. As in 0. As in "I should have not even bothered to show up anyway." Oh yeah, good times. That's not to mention the hell week im gonna go through next week, though it'll be fun too abit.

What's up with next week? Well, a major exam for Chem 200 (it's another pass-or-fail exam) is coming up this wednesday, as well as the Mathamatics Placement Examination im supposed to take on Saturday. That's in addition to going to my first day of work on thursday when I work as a Skybox runner at PETCO park during the Aztec Invitational. It'll be fun to finally be working in that place. Hell, how many people have helped open a brand new MLB ballpark before? Not to many. I'm looking forward to this week ending. It's been nothing but a bad week so far.

Mood: Burned out. x_x

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