Monday, February 23, 2004

Feburary 23, 2004

Yo, sorry if anyone was looking for me this weekend. I spend it in this house:

The only thing that place is missing is a phone line and internet cable access. Besides that, it's so quiet in that house that the only thing I could hear was the fridge (making ice) and melting ice (had to dump the first batch, just because who knows what chemicals were in the first batch.) In any case, there was nothing much else going on in my life besides my hate for driving during the rain. In the anime side though, i've seen alot of anime now that has not been released here. Basically, it's Naruto 1-71, To Heart 1-8, Maburaho 1-17, Gunslinger Girl 1-8, and Kanon 1-6 (of which i've heard much much about from MegaTokyo, and of which Piro is named after [a cat]). I've also seen a ton of anime on DVD (thank you Video R'Us.) of which there are so many I have just finished or started, I cant tell you what each series I have seen. Though, I feel like I have seen 1/10th of all the anime in the world to this point of my life now...and 1/10th of all anime is more then at least 150 titles by now. Well, enough of rant for now. Hopefully next time I wont have a two week layoff.

Mood: Hating School >_<

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