Friday, March 12, 2004

March 12th, 2004

Someone shoot me. Please. My god yesterday was horrible. If you've been living under a rock (or under Mario's bed), San Diego is opening a brand spanking new ballpark. So, im working as a suite runner yesterday...and shoved in 11 hours straight. I had a mini 5 minute break and that was it. Everyone was so busy, we all had to suck it up and do our jobs... aching feet, sore knees, and tiredness all. Everything was bad, from people getting lost (hell, I was getting lost @_@. we had a group of runners last night whom got lost for an hour trying to find the main kitchen.) to having suite owners being pissed off (I feel bad for Rocco, who had to tell them about how sorry service was), to not being even able to answer the questions I need to answer. Like, "where's the restaurant?" or "where's the ATM?" and in training, they tell us to NEVER say "I dont know." First thing I I have to say?At least my supervisors are pretty cool, though it's pretty obvious that they were already stressed out to the core before I even showed up to work. There's alot of kinks to work out in the ballpark on all fronts, so by opening day on April 8th (of which I wont be working anyway...stupid Chem 200 lab) we'll be ready for the 46,000 people slated to come in. I mean, we had 40,000 come in last night...that's 6,000 short of sold out.

Anyway, besides my new job, my aching body, and such...I have to worry about some frickin test called the Mathmatics Placement Examination. If I dont pass it this semester, I cant take CS108 (which I need for my major) nor any of the math classes I really need (Pre-cal, cal, etc. which i'll be hating life for.) So yeah, i'm hating life pretty much right now. Thank god it's spring break. Sure im not heading out of town for anything currently (might go to Six Flags next saturday though =P) but I really dont want to. The most I want to do right now is be what my SN is. A AnimeGamer. Watch anime, play games, eat, sleep. Sure I wont meet any girls because I don't club or anything...but girls are the last thing I need. Or rather, a relationship that exceeds friendship. Why? Well, last I had a girlfriend...she was practially all I can think about. In school, on the ride home, at home, everywhere. My grades suffered abit because of it, so im thinking when I can lighten my load school-wise...then maybe I can consider "playing the game" but right now I just need to get my stuff done first and worry about my social life later.

Well, that's about it for now. Wow, this rant went longer then I thought it would. At least tomarrow, i'll be worrying about f(x)=5 where x=3 or something like that and not worrying about whether or not we have enough Roederer (which sell for $135 a pop btw.)

Mood: Fsckin Tired x_x

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