Sunday, March 21, 2004

March 21st, 2004

Finally back from my weekend adventure. Lots of talking today, so here we go.

Friday - went up north via coaster to Perris, California. Got lost looking for the place we were going to spend the night at. Played some pool and stuff, and went to sleep at galatic_vato's house. (His site is linked on the left bar.)

Saturday - Left said house and after one failed attempt to eat at a Denny's, we ate at another one. This time, I avoided ordering Hot Chocolate like the plague since last time I ate there, I REALLY felt the need to go to the restroom constantly for 3 hours after that. Finally, headed over to Six Flags and took this photo:

Caption: Rare photo of myself (guy in white hat) and friends. Dont mind the "Proof" thing, it came with the picture.

Then I went in line for one of the longest @$$ lines in my life. After waiting three hours, I finally rode X for the first time, and it was worth only a hour wait. Oh well. That pretty much summed up the day at Six Flags. X, Laser Show (dont ask), Tidal Wave, Scream, Ninja. Of unimportant note, the only ride we actually rode twice is the tram going up to Samurai summit. The photo booths weren't open (except the one that took the photo above.) and they gouched us. They gouched us VERY good. After leaving Six Flags, we went to "Bigs" which is "Shakey's" which is....bah, whatever it's called! Then it was back to Perris for another night there.

Sunday - Uhhh...went home. Simple enough, no?

Anyway, I took the little note while everyone else pretty much said; "I doubt they have the photo online at all, and they're just fooling you to buy more photos." So hah! There it is...with a big fat "proof" over two of my friend's faces. As for this week... i'm glad to have just rested up. School grind starts tomarrow, and it's going to be hell from here until the beginning of May.


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