Saturday, March 27, 2004

March 26th, 2004

Actually, by the time I post this it might already be the 27th. Anyway, my life is going back to the usual ground after my spring break. Got a training session at PETCO Park on sunday, a meeting there on monday, and another meeting on wednesday. Let's not forget that I have two tests next friday. Not one, but TWO. Now here's the oddity of today... I didnt go to Video R'Us. It's TRUE! For the first time in many weekends, the gamer side of myself has finally won over the anime side. Thanks in part to a little game known as Lineage II. I suggest downloading the client and updating ASAP as the game goes to open beta on sunday. I plan on being awake at midnight to create my characters. I've also heard alot of debate between L2 vs. WoW (World of Warcraft) and to be honest I dunno anything much about WoW.

Does this mean though that I will finally be thinking of moving out of my "No P2P MMORPG" stance? Yes, im thinking of finally paying to play MMORPG's. Using timecards. Then again, im thinking of maybe not playing L2 into live since when im going to be part of a siege it's going to be laggy as muther f'ikn hell.

In more news, I offically got the results of my Mathmatics Placement Examination. 9 out of 25. "We regret to inform you that you did not score sufficiently high on part IA of the Mathematics Placement Test to enroll in classes with this test as a prerequisite." As if I didnt already know that. >_> Oh, lets not forget that it's my grandma's birthday tomarrow! I'm not entirely sure what year she was born, but I think she lived through the Bataan Death March. If she did, I would have amazing respect for her because Japanese brutality during that death march during WWII was very brutal (ex: to avoid having half-japanese half-filipino children running around, they stuck bamboo poles up a girls private part and hung them up on those.) My grandma could've easily died during that time but she managed to live through it.

Well, that's about it for now. I think i'll go off to a corner and start ripping my hair out.


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