Wednesday, March 17, 2004

March 17th, 2004

Wow, im up late. Thank god for spring break or i'd die from stress from school. I'm currently working on a fiction story right now about a couple and the mystery that is them. Yes, I dont want to spoil the plot twists now, do I? It's going slow though, mainly because I keep having to do other junk instead of write and when I do find time I get the horrible writer's block. Oh well, live and move on. At least im trying to do a new system this time, where I write at least six chapters (if I dont end the story at six chapters) before posting them at where it'll be ignored and sent to the backburners of fiction hell. For this story, im aiming at 13 chapters but things change and it could just get six chapters. Maybe this spring break i'll aim to write six chapters, see how the response is and then write the rest of the chapters up to 13 if I didn't end it at six. Well, time will tell.

Well, that's about it for now. Oh yeah, if you noticed (or didn't notice) I have gotten rid of the tagboard and placed a floogle board in it's place now. This same floogle board is mirrored in my xanga site ( so if you wanna hear some music or drool over Eclair of Kiddy Grade you can post your message both here and there and it'll grind out the same message. Pretty neato, eh?

Mood: 'laxed

Edit: Just annoucing I am now implimenting using pictures to match my moods now. All courtesy of Here they all are:

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