Saturday, November 29, 2003

November 29th, 2003

My life has been quite interesting as of late. But then again, that's my friend Anthony and this magnet of events he has on him. For instance, we were on our way to pick up his cousin Jeff (and g/f) from the train station again with his step-dad Ron. Ron, Anthony, and myself began talking about the dating game. Basically, he told me how the game is played and the effects of various tactics. Now, im not the player type at all. I believe that one day there will be someone out there that we'll just click and stay together. So in essence, I hate playing the dating game. I rather have things go straight out. I think that's the thing with my screenname. Dont confuse AnimeGamer from Jon Dejesus. It may be the same person, but maybe not the same personalities. There are things that AnimeGamer can do that Jon Dejesus cant do and vice versa. AnimeGamer is the person I want to be, Jon Dejesus is the person that I'am. Simple as that. Anyway, enough with the philosophy and complaining. Moving on, on the job front it seems pretty bleak. My only options now is a department store and McDonalds. Not that great, isnt it? Oh well, money is money and work is work...take what life gives. On the school's a losing battle right now. I have papers up the ying-yang to write and not enough time to write them. Not only that, but finals week is quickly approaching and it'll be really hard to concentrate on the task at hand with Christmas rolling around. But, I have to try to get out of that deathtrap of a car I have and get a new car. Well, that's about it for life in a nutshell right now. Take care...ja ne.

Mood: Relaxed, but showing signs of Stress

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